Absolute Stillness

We see people die in real life and in fiction. We talk about the afterlife, we hope to ascend to a glorious afterlife that awaits us once we exhaust our bodies and sometimes our minds. Some people lose their minds before dying, some don't. Some die at a young age, and some live long enough... Continue Reading →


Final Frontier

“Nothing is impossible.” You might have heard this more than a million times in your entire life or just the time you’ve spent on Earth. There is absolutely no limitation about anything, there are no constraints, no restraint, nothing. There is only the endless possibility. 13.7 Billion years ago something happened and that moment, the... Continue Reading →

Her and I

When you love someone things will never be simple neither it will be easy that's how powerful the sense of belonging to someone is. It will make you do things that you wouldn't even do in your wildest dreams. As the day passes by and your love and bonding gets stronger, two people make sure... Continue Reading →

The Dominatrix. 

people meet, they bond, they sympathize, they try to fill the void and eventually they fall love. but not everyone is lucky, not everyone is blessed enough to be with the love of his/her life. I guess not everyone is meant to have this normal yet the most extraordinary feeling. how the hell do you... Continue Reading →

Best One Yet. 

​When you travel long roads, the roads that will take you to a far distant place with experiences you never had before. And these roads aren't the ones you have never traveled rather these roads are often trodden by you every once in a while. Sometimes these experiences while riding your vehicle will make you... Continue Reading →


​Truth is no one can survive the vehement cynicism of this world on their own. No matter how strong you are, no matter how darkly twisted you are, you’ll always feel the need, the need to be loved, to be taken care of. Yes, we do not find love, the real love in a flash... Continue Reading →

Get With It

the thing about life is its unpredictable and it never turns out the way we want to. expecting the unexpected is something that is actually real. this is something that's constant in this fast paced life but that doesn't mean that we wont fall for something and not keep trying for em because no matter... Continue Reading →

simple revelation

I have been going through facebook lately. And I came across a post stating “behind every flirty guy there’s a girl who broke his heart”. This is the same stuff I came across a few years ago and I said then and there – “hell yes this is the reason why I became a flirt... Continue Reading →


Human beings are naïve species, they believe in happy endings, they get disheartened if they come across hard times but they find their way out eventually because they are capable of greatness. And best part of being human (not the brand) is fact that they believe in destiny. But the real question is - What... Continue Reading →

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